10 Things to Do Before Your All-Girls Road-trip to NYC for World Pride this Summer!

The Queer Outta Philly All-Girls Philly to NYC Pride Party Bus boards in less than 90 days! Here’s a thoughtful list to help you prepare for the biggest World Pride New York has ever seen. There’s going to be so many activities and parties to attend and we want you to be prepared! Most importantly, reserve your seat on our party bus before we sell out!

1. Reserve. Your. Seat.

Trust me don’t get caught slippin’ trying to book last minute. World Pride is taking place here in the U.S for the very first time so it is a huge deal! Get your friends together because this is a trip you don’t want to miss!

Tip: Take advantage of our group discounts (4 or more), 60% deposit options, and avoid Eventbrite fees by booking directly with us!

Register below to get 10% off your ticket purchase!

2. Book your hotel or Air BNB.

I bet you’re wondering where to stay for the festivities (not that you’ll be doing much sleeping). New York will be live from Manhattan to Brooklyn but your best bet is to stay where public transportation is accessible. The most efficient use of your room and board funds is an Air BNB. What’s even more efficient than that? Getting a group together to share living expenses. Once you reserve your room it’s official and you have to schedule off of work (move on to step 3, yay!).

Tip: Check out the Pod 51 and use code PODPAL for 10% off of your booking!

3. Schedule off work!

Don’t make me put the parenting voice on ya’ll! Preparation is key so if theres a job you need to put on pause give your job notice now. Trust me every year I think I’ll be in good enough shape to come strolling into a meeting Monday afternoon. Pause. The endless parties will leave you incapacitated. Les-bi-real and plan ahead so you’re able to return to your responsibilities in your best form.

Tip: For your sake call off Friday, June 28th through Monday, July 1st.

4. Don’t bring a car.

Traffic is going to be a bitch so don’t even bother driving—and I’m not just saying that because our Party Bus features drinks, music, pole dancers, and dope giveaways! Not at all! Just imagine driving through 3+ million pride-goers. Let’s not and say we did.

Tip: If you do bring a car, for whatever God-forsaken reason, do some research on the cheapest parking garages in NYC because you’re looking at around $50/day on average.

5. Get your pride gear! 

You gotta represent so start planning your cute matching couples t-shirts, rainbow wear, femme attire, and blatant dykery. It’s our job—-no, its our DUTY to be obnoxiously queer, because fuck it why not? It’s GAY PRRRRRRIDE BI-OTCH!!!!!!!!

Tip: register now to get $15% off your order on lezcronymz.com!

6. Find yo bud (wo)mxn.

If you have a love for cannabis, it can sometimes be more troublesome than you’d like locating a trustworthy connect. I once was sold a literal bush trying to cop some green in Miami during Sweetheat. Funny story actually, we caught up with dude later in the evening and it was a whole hostage situation (no one was hurt) until we got our money back. Wild times. Start doing your research about a week from NYC World Pride and get those much needed referrals in.

Tip: For the risk-takers, just wear a cannabis culture t-shirt for maximum effectiveness in attracting your target audience AND for extra support download WhatsApp and get referrals from your friends to “connect.”

7. Make a travel list.

8. Create your pre-game playlist!

Share your favorite songs with us now on Spotify! We want guests on our Party Bus to vibe out so we’re letting them pick the playlist! Trap, Electronica, Hip-Hop, R&B and as always Cardi B will be contributing to our party atmosphere (okurrrrrrr!).

9. Find the best brunch spots in NYC.

You can’t lose with Bottomless Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s. Feeling adventurous? Here’s a yummy Bloody Mary Recipe you can whip up to bring your crew back from the dead.

10. Locate the The hottest LGBTQ Parties.

We actually have this one covered for you because the hottest LGBTQ parties will be featured on our Adult Treasure Hunt Itinerary that each guest on our Party Bus will receive.

It’s our goal to help you make the most of NYC World Pride during your visit so we have a list of NYC Parties, Venues and Events to attend complete with drink specials and special entry just for our crew! Not to mention you get rewarded for partying with our Adult Treasure Hunt!

The NYC World Pride Adult Treasure Hunt. One of our guests will be the winner of our Adult Treasure Hunt and will get all kinds of fun and tasty prizes! Could be dildos, could be a CBD Massage, the possibilities are endless.

Book your Party Bus Trip before tickets sell out and you’re stuck in boring NYC Traffic! Tickets are now available on Eventbrite BUT you can avoid Eventbrite fees by requesting your ticket here.

Want to recommend your business or product for our NYC World Pride 2019 Guide or Adult Treasure Hunt? This includes, bars, parties, restaurants, events, products and more! Send an email to lezcronymz@gmail.com.

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